The Alliance World Fellowship has created a new network to advance Alliance theological education and promote cooperation among Alliance bible colleges and seminaries. There are

The Alliance World Fellowship has a new logo that conveys the reason for the existence of AWF: Connecting People & Proclaiming Christ in Unity, Diversity and Growth. Symbols represent the fourfold gospel, spiritual roots, and strength.


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AWF Prayers is a new communication channel for the AWF family to share prayer requests. Please, read carefully and pray for the requests sent by Rev. Roland Lumawag, the AWF-APAC (Asia Pacific) Regional...

Thailand is a growing economy in the Asian continent, known as a South East Asian “Tiger”, with a strong sense of national pride and a conflict-avoiding persona. According to the…

The C&MA Jabal Amman church in Jordan has been working with these people since the 1990s and offers assistance to around 1000 families
One of the founders of C&MA Angola has a Paul-like testimony of radical transformation, from killing to saving, leaving a legacy that our AWF President testifies to on his most recent visit.
AWF is pleased to announce that Daniel Fanderwud has been appointed as the new Alliance President of Argentina.



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AWF CLA Regional Coordinating Committee

For national church presidents and seminary rectors

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