AWF Prayers is a new communication channel for the AWF family to share prayer requests. Please, read carefully and pray for the requests sent by Rev. Roland Lumawag, the AWF-APAC (Asia Pacific) Regional...
Thailand is a growing economy in the Asian continent, known as a South East Asian “Tiger”, with a strong sense of national pride and a conflict-avoiding persona. According to the…
The C&MA Jabal Amman church in Jordan has been working with these people since the 1990s and offers assistance to around 1000 families
One of the founders of C&MA Angola has a Paul-like testimony of radical transformation, from killing to saving, leaving a legacy that our AWF President testifies to on his most recent visit.
AWF is pleased to announce that Daniel Fanderwud has been appointed as the new Alliance President of Argentina.
After 6 years of learning the culture, scouting out locations, preaching at local churches and planting seeds, the Daleva family celebrated their first public church service in Portugal this year.
Dreams become reality for many with the grand opening of the A.B. Simpson Missions Training Center in Armenia, Colombia.
This year FATELA received “University” status by the state of Florida and has begun its process of accreditation
Preaching Christ in the midst of red hot irons; that is what Héctor Peñafiel, an Ecuadorian evangelical pastor, master welder, husband and father of five children, and resident of Tione di Trento, a region of Trentino’Alto Adigio, does daily by his example.
The persecution of religious minorities is severe in Myanmar, yet we see God at work through the dedication of our Alliance brothers and sisters to spread the Good News.
The Alliance church in Italy emerges as a new force for the Gospel with the support and encouragement of Alliance churches from all over the world.
My name is Igor K. I immigrated to Israel 22 years ago from Russia. I have been using drugs for 18 years... and I have a son whom I had not seen for about seven years.
To better minister to the Vietnamese living in Thailand, the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN) and Thailand C&MA have formed a new alliance.
More than 3,000 Alliance members gathered in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate and be challenged by what God is doing through the C&MA Church in the USA and throughout the world.
The Confraternidad Latinoamericana Aliancista (CLA) met in Ecuador in March to develop the new regional four-year action plan.
The Executive Committee of AWF (ExCom) held its annual meeting in March in the city of São Paulo, with the Board of Directors of C. & M.A. (MEMBERS) and participated in the AWF Missions Consultation.
Boma, the central city of the National Church of the Alliance in Congo-Kinshasa, was hit by the worst flood in history, news agencies reported at the time that at least 50 people died.
Dr. Jura Yanagihara is elected new president of AWF, during the convocation held in the city of Bangkok in 2016, he was previously president of the National Alliance church in Brazil.
Since ISIS took Mosul, his Church was dispersed. Last Friday Abu Karam was taken to glory. Read about the impact of this humble servant of God.
The alliance church in Baghdad is organizing a prayer meeting for the Nation, Pastor Joseph Francis invites you to join them in prayer.
Pastor Nipon Luangger, president of Alliance churches in Thailand, is planning a memorial service in memory of the victims of a fire in the city of Wiang Pa Pao.
A special website has been launched to inform about our quadrennial assembly. We expect representatives from 50 countries and you are invited to participate.
The execution of three Christians by ISIS on September 23 is confirmed. Among them was Dr. Abdulmashi, who was kidnapped in April.
During the service of the church in Baghdad, people panicked, due to the smoke that entered the building, due to a flame of fire that someone tried to light.
The Islamic State recently has kidnapped hundreds of Christians and non-Christians in a town called Qaryatain, among the detained are two doctors, members of one of the churches of the Alliance.
Pastor Vanro and his team are reaching villagers in Pauk Khung who live in a temporary shelter, with donations received through the Alliance churches in other parts of the world.
Churches of the Alliance in Myanmar ask the Family of the Allaince International to support them in this difficult moment for several poor people who have lost their properties.
On July 15 in the nation of Gabon, the Reverend Jean-Marc YNGUEMBA, former president of the National Alliance Church, died.
Jorai faithful come to the European continent to share the light of the gospel to a secular community which needs to be reached for the glory of God.
Last Monday, April 13, Pastor Eladio Medina left for the Lord. For many years, Eladio served as AWF's regional coordinator for Latin America.
The effects of the war in Syria are hard to imagine, but the images published in #WithSyria can help us understand it when we are close to this country.
He played an important role in the international movement of the Alliance. He was one of the "Founding Fathers" of the Alliance World Fellowship.
In partnership with our member church in Jerusalem, the International Alliance family reaches the people in need in Gaza. AWF is an organization the love of Christ with people who are precious in their eyes.
The congregation of Pastor Sabah and his wife Faiza is scattered in different cities, some have found refuge in the churches of the Alliance in Erbil and Dohuk.
Members of the prevention team were killed, after they were taken hostage yesterday during an awareness campaign about Ebola.
While training for the prevention of Ebola, the training team was attacked by an angry mob, there were 6 injured and 6 members of the team were kidnapped.
In the School of Theology of the Alliance (FATEAC) in Cote d'Ivoire twelve offices were assaulted, however we can be grateful that no one had been injured.
Alliance workers gathered in Florence - Italy, to attend the third Latino missionary retreat, men and women have come from different parts of the world to share their experiences.
AWF supports the Philippines to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan, the mission of AWF is to facilitate cooperation among its 52 churches and member organizations as they work for the fulfillment of the great commission.
The annual meeting of the 2014 AWF Theological Commission was held in New York at Nyack College. The meetings are held in various places where ICTE members serve.
On Friday, May 23, it was declared a "Day of Adoration and Fasting" by the newly elected AWF Coordinator for Europe and the Middle East, Dmitry Lavrov.
The Mar del Plata Trio of Argentina will be ministering in Spain, Italy and Portugal at the end of March until the month of April. A "start" concert will take place in Madrid on Friday, March 28.
The political situation in Thailand is tense, but Roland Lumawag informs us of some good news. Bim & Bam are the nicknames of two teenage sisters who came to Christ last January
The Alliance (C & MA) exists for more than 125 years. The movement spread throughout the world, but was born in Canada and the United States. We have a brief analysis of these two countries.
The Alliance (C & MA) exists for more than 125 years. The movement spread throughout the world, but was born in Canada and the United States. We have a brief analysis of these two countries.
During the Second World War, the German army confiscated church bells in the Netherlands to melt them down, read more on this subject.
I have seen a sign of the coming of the kingdom of God! It happened in a remote area in the Philippines that was hit by the typhoon.
The executive committee will form an AWF Foundation in the United States of America to facilitate financial operations. The AWF Foundation in the Netherlands will continue to operate.
From different states, 62 participants were taught the Word of God and challenged to serve their nation in obedience to the Lord.
This year, the Australian National Church appointed Rick Bell as Director of Missions. Rick and his wife are eager to see a greater commitment from Australia in countries where the gospel is not known by the majority.
Dukezong was hit by a big fire. At least 1,000 people had to be evacuated and it is difficult to estimate the damage. Hundreds of old buildings were destroyed.
¡Señor llénanos de tu amor!, Más de 3.000 participantes se reunieron para el servicio dominical al final de la Asamblea General de la Iglesia de la Alianza Nacional en el Congo (RDC).
The local church receives the support of the AWF family. Overcome refugee benefit in aid for the ministry and grateful to belong to this group of people who seek serenity and salvation in God.
"Trans-for-Mission". The annual conference of the Alliance in Great Britain was held in a castle. They opened their doors to the neighborhood and organized a party for the Jubilee of the Queen.
Lebanon: "The situation is bad, but we are fine" The situation in the country is very dangerous and the whole area could reach a terrible time of war.
Finns try to integrate into the new culture, some of them even married Finnish spouses. The intention is to provide spiritual support to this isolated group, with the hope that they will become a blessing for their new homeland.
El Dr. John Stumbo ha sido elegido como el duodécimo presidente de La Alianza Cristiana y Misionera.
More than 2000 trained leaders. The LMC is an intensive two-week program focused on the development of basic leadership skills for Christian workers.
In Baghdad, a bomb exploded near a Catholic church. More than 30 people were killed. Alliance pastor, Joseph Fransis, asks to pray for brothers and sisters in Iraq. They live under continuous pressure.
More people than ever ask to be baptized! A major problem is that 30 to 40% of Christians have left the country, including church leaders.
Many foreign workers who ministered in the country rejoiced with members of the National Church.
The Reverend Philip Teng died in a hospital in Hong Kong on December 19, 2013 at the age of 92. Alliance World Fellowship remembers him as his second president and as a devotional speaker at the four-year convocation in Seoul.
They shot at the car of the president of the Colombian Alliance, Humberto Guzmán (photo), when he went to the National Office on April 12
Peru is an Alliance-Hive these days. 40 years ago there was a renaissance that led to more than 60 hatches of the Alliance, right in the capital, Lima. All this is based on a deep desire to be available for the work of the Spirit of God.
The Executive Committee of AWF (ExCom) held its annual meeting in São Paulo from March 14 to 18. The business meetings took place in a warm atmosphere, with many fruitful discussions. Some important decisions were made.
These are difficult times for Syria. Most of the time, the Alliance Church in Homs is closed, but the pastor is still there and looks after the people around him.
The Middle East is marked by violence as it was in the days when Jesus was born. The tension is obvious, even in Bethlehem. But in the midst of political and geographical confusion, the Gospel is taught at Bethlehem Bible College.
In Damascus, 1,500 displaced families receive help through the Church and another 1,500 outside the Syrian capital. Pastor Edward Awabdeh of Damascus summed it up with these words: "We let people know how valuable they are."
Women With Hearts for Missions is an initiative recently launched by Asian women living in North America. An offering was made to the AWF fund for Syrian refugees and special attention was given to persecuted Christians.
Manchester, November 27, 2013. Gale Parodi, wife of Juan Carlos Parodi, died this morning in a hospital.
Gale is seriously ill and needs your prayer. She is in a semi unconscious condition and the prognosis is poor, in the words of Juan-Carlos. Pray also for your daughters Sarah and Elizabeth.
AWF members generously support the efforts of the Alliance Churches in the Philippines. So far, more than $ 120,000 has been received.
District pastor Roel Tabasa reports that all of his pastors are numbered, except Pastor Ernie Cabrillas of Mc Arthur, Leyte.
On December 15, the Chinese Alliance Church in Cambridge will install its first elder and six deacons.
The Church of the Alliance in the border city of Mafraq helps refugees with mattresses, blankets, food and other necessities. Donations for this project are welcome!
We mourn with our kababayans (compatriots) and especially with our Alliance brothers who were directly affected by the recent calamities in the Visayas region (Central Philippines), including Bicol and Palawan. At this point, the most we can do is fervently seek God's mercy and deliverance
Without electricity and water, the trip is difficult due to the fallen trees and the electric pole. The number of victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines continues to rise.
Haiyan, has destroyed houses, churches and a school of the Alliance in the center of the Philippines. In many areas, communication is not possible due to the destruction of an electric pole and telephone lines. The people died and the number of victims is expected to increase.
"Heroes? No, that's not what we are." "Last week the bombings came so close to our area that we had to leave our apartment.
For the first time in years, a Youth Conference of the Alliance is scheduled this month in Khandala, India.