The Alliance World Fellowship (AWF) unites churches and ministries in a mission-minded denomination with partners in many nations. Key concepts inthe Alliance movement are Sanctification and Missions: we exist to please and honor God and share His love by proclaiming Jesus Christ to the nations as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and coming King. We collaborate with the following specific purposes:

  • To affirm our commitment to the Bible, God’s Word, as His complete and authoritative written revelation to man.
  • To bear testimony to the particular truths of the Fourfold Gospel: Christ our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King
  • To support and encourage one another in the task of Mission and Evangelism which we understand to be the special calling of the church.
  • To provide opportunity and encourage expression of fellowship among members of the Alliance World Fellowship.
  • To provide a non-legislative means of consultation and cooperation among the world community of the member churches.
  • To share our mutual concerns and insights relating to the various crucial spiritual and temporal issues of the church.
  • To promote ministerial and missionary education.To uphold one another in prayer and administer relief in times of crisis.
  • To advance unity of theological and moral standards among the members of the Alliance World Fellowship.
  • To promote the exchange of personnel in special areas of ministry.

The Alliance World Fellowship is organized in five Regions:

  1.  Africa
  2.  Asia / Pacific
  3.  Europe / Middle-East
  4.  North-America
  5.  Latin- America

The Regions elect a Regional Cordinator and a Coordinating Committee during the AWF Quadrennial Convotation. The last Convocation took place in in May 15-19, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. The Regional Coordinators form the AWF Executive Committee, together with the President and the Treasurer, who are elected during the Quadrennial Convocation by all members present.